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About Us

My vision of ‘Pooches In Pajamas’ dog boarding started in 2003, shortly after I opened ‘Wags and Wiggles,’ a professional pet sitting/dog walking service.  My husband and I, being avid animal lovers, began to accept dog guests into our private home. Pet owners began flocking to us. Our clients loved the concept of leaving their pets in a home environment that would be just like their own home.

We quickly fell in love with our dog guests. We found ourselves catering to them, hand-feeding or even sprinkling cheese on their food if they would not eat. We shared our bed with them to make sure that they slept peacefully and quietly. Nothing was too good for our guests. They fit right in with our own three dogs. Even the shyest dog soon became comfortable and part of the family. From the tiny Teacup Poodle named Teka who cries if you put her down, to Madison, the large Labrador who believes he is small at 80 pounds and loves a lap for watching TV comfortably.

Since our opening, we have had dog visitors of all shapes and sizes, cats, tortoises and even fish. We have been blessed with the opportunity to love these wonderful creatures. Each and every one of them has left paw prints on our hearts.

Because of the great care we had given clients, it soon became necessary to turn down business referred to us by others. That’s how the idea of having a network of certified animal lovers who would be Host Families came into being. They care for pets in the same way that we have been doing for years. But not just any Hosts will do. They need to be hand-picked and I have to feel 100% comfortable and confident that they can care for my own dogs.

Miriam Lindley


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