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I just wanted to take a minute to say, "Thank you for loving our dog as much as we do" and for always taking the best care of her possible. My husband and I travel so much with our jobs that we can always rest easy that our Sadie is happy when she's with you. It breaks my heart to think about putting her in a cage at a kennel. Your prices are so reasonable for all the "extra" things you do that a kennel would never do. Sadie gets more exercise at your house then she does at her own. You are always so willing to work with our schedules and your hours are so much more accommodating. THANK YOU!! We are so happy that we can always count on you to love Sadie like she was one of your own.


( Marcia & Chad, Dog Hotel Clients, Lutz, FL )

"Pooches in Pajamas" as an alternative to a traditional boarding kennel for our dog. Member Comments on Angie’s List: We have a 2 year-old rat terrier that picked up some bad habits after his first experience of being boarded at a traditional dog kennel. After that experience, we searched for an alternative and feel very fortunate to have found Pooches in Pajamas. Basically, this company locates families (some who have their own pets, some who don't) that take your dog into their home while you are away. The price is comparable to a traditional kennel but without the negative aspects of that kind of setting. They look for people who are retired or work from home so that your pet has a lot of human companionship during their stay. They are respectful of your routines and follow through on your directions. Best of all, they give your pet lots of love and attention while you are away. We have left Indy with two of the Pooches in Pajamas families and feel that he has been exceptionally well taken care of. We would, without any hesitation, use them again in the future.


( Rebecca and Michael M, Tampa, FL )

Client : I wanted to thank you again for having Jake over Christmas and all of the extra things you did with him. Pooches in Panamas comment: This was our very first Dog Hotel Client. On one occasion we were going on vacation and could not board him so we asked to take him with us on our own vacation with our dogs for Christmas. Everyone got presents! Now that is above and beyond but we LOVE our client’s dogs.


( Frank S/South Tampa )

I highly recommend Pooches In Pajamas. We have been using their services for over 2 years now for pet sitting with Miriam at her beautiful home while we are away and unable to bring our sweet boy with us. We naturally did a lot of research and interviewed a lot of people before deciding to give their services a try. To make a long story short, this was the best judgment call we could have made. Miriam is amazing--everything we could have hoped for and more. She no doubt is a huge animal lover and always maintains the utmost professionalism, exceeding our expectations in all regards including quality of care and lots of love and attention. She treated our Bullmastiff, Gandhi, just like family and was most sincere in her actions. He adores her and so do we. We are now leaving Florida and finding a replacement for her feels like an impossible feat.


( Roja N/ St Petersburg )

Our dog Renegade enjoys her vacations at Pooches in Pajamas. It is like her home away from home and she has a great time making new friends and seeing her old ones from previous visits. As many Aussie owners know, our dog needs lots of playtime and exercise and she is sure to get it with the owner, Miriam. Bike rides and Frisbee sessions are the norm there, not the exception. Kisses and belly rubs are plenty which makes our dog feel loved. Our family was lucky to find Pooches In Pajamas, not only are they also an Aussie owner, Rodeo is our dog's half-brother! If you want to leave your dog and have no worries, this is the place!

Rodeo & Renegade

( Terri/New Tampa )

My puppy loves Pooches in Pajamas. It is dog heaven! He is not only well cared for but he receives all the love and attention as if he were in his own home. He is truly part of the family. There is no more perfect place than Pooches in Pajamas for my puppy's boarding needs. And what does Ledley say? ” My mommy was going to take me some other place until she found out about Pooches in Pajamas sleepovers, where I could stay in someone’s house and be pampered and loved. I have lots of fun and companionship. I love my Host family because they really take care of me and pay me lots of attention. My Host Miriam worked with me and taught me how to sit. I was very afraid of this ball and within 10 minutes she helped me love it. Now it’s my favorite toy, I carry it everywhere. For me, “There’s no place like a home”.


( Maria C/ North Tampa )

When am away, it is comforting to know my pet is with someone who is loving, responsible, and responsive. I take advantage of the Pooches in Pajamas sleepover program and the peace of mind is better than the Thai Chi I do each morning. The treat for me is coming home and finding a happy and well-cared for precious baby – my dog. Thanks, Pooches in Pajamas.


( Susan G/ Westchase )

Miriam, Just wanted to thank you again for taking care of Henley in such an exceptional and loving way. It means the world to us to know that he is in your hands when he can't be with us. We are very, very thankful! All the best


( Maria, Ian, & Henley /Apollo/ Beach, Fl )

Gracie is my 1 ½ year old white lab and is very special to my family. To place her in the right home when we leave was critical to us and we found that with Pooches In Pajamas. Gracie loves going to visit and play with Cody, Cheyenne and Rodeo. She has yard to play and a kind and loving host in Miriam. I am not worried at all when I leave and can relax knowing that Gracie is in good hands. God bless you for taking care of our beloved canines in such a loving way.


( Larry R/ Lutz )

Here are a few words about your wonderful service! My little doggie is my baby and I need her to be well taken care of when I can't. I needed to find a place I could trust to treat her well, protect her, and have her best interests at heart. When I have to go out of town, I can go with an easy heart because the host families at Pooches in Pajamas are wonderful and I know she is in good hands. Every person I have worked with has been great and I trust them all with my baby.

Jelly Bean

( Debbie Y/ South Tampa )

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